Travel Britain with Bill Bryson

American/British writer, William McGuire Bryson (Bill) was born on the eighth of December 1951 and is known World Wide for his non-fiction books on travel, Science, the English Language and many other interesting topics. Although he was born in America, he has lived most of his productive and exciting writing life here in Britain and he is currently residing in Hampshire with his wife Cynthia and four children.  His humorous style of writing came to popular attention in 1995 with his very amusing travel guide book entitled; “Notes from a Small island”.

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Having lived in Britain for over twenty years Bill was thinking about going back to live in America so decided to take one last trip around the places that he had come to know and love.  From Exeter to John O’Groats, to Scotland and Oxford, he used public Transport to get around and only hired a car twice on his epic journey.  No doubt making the most of professional Walking Maps he tours the beautiful English Countryside telling amusing anecdotes and stories. One such funny and personal tale in the travel book is of how he met his wife Cynthia when he worked at the Holloway Sanatorium for the Insane, in Virginia Water in 1973.

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Bill has also written; “I’m a Stranger Here Myself”, “A Walk in the Woods” and his very popular book all about Science, entitled, “A Short History of Nearly Everything”.  His two books on the confusing English language, “The Mother Tongue” and “Made in America” have also become big sellers.

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