Traditional royal baby protocols

Many people in the country are keeping a watchful eye on the news channels and apps in a bid to catch the first glimpse of the news that another royal baby has been born. It won’t be long before Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s first child will be born. This will be the next in a number of royal babies that have been born over the last couple of years. You may even be lucky enough to hear the joyous news whilst you are using Meeting Rooms Windsor way. If you are looking for meeting rooms in Windsor you could combine this with a quick tour of some of the royal properties in the nearby area.

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When it comes to royal babies there are a number of protocols that are traditional to follow. It remains to be seen whether these will apply to Megan and Harry’s baby. Here are some of the traditions that are upheld.

Who is told first?

It is traditional for the Queen to be the first one to be informed following the birth of a royal baby. This is done via a special phone that allows for an encrypted call to take place so that it cannot be intercepted by anyone else.

Formal announcement

Once the Queen and the immediate family members have been informed of the safe arrival of the baby official statements are written and placed onto the royal family’s official website as well as sent out to the press. This is where breaking news statements may be made by these news outlets. Kensington Palace will also use their official Twitter page to announce the happy arrival. A bulletin is also placed outside of Buckingham Palace.

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First photos

When a royal baby is born in the Lindo Wing it is traditional for the parents and baby to have photographs taken on the steps of the hospital. For babies born elsewhere there first official photos may be taken and released officially a few weeks later.


Even though the parents may have chosen the name for their baby well in advance of the birth it is traditional for the name to be released a few days after the birth. If the child will be in line to the throne the Queen must first approve of the names before they are official announced.

Whether or not these traditions will be applied following on from the birth of Harry’s first born will soon be seen.

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