Your to do list for the garden in Summer

The weather is slowly starting to warm up and we are getting closer and closer to Summer. Gardens are starting to slowly erupt into colour, although you can find that some areas need a bit of attention following on from the colder months and this is where a Grounds Maintenance Gloucestershire company can help you.

Here are some simply things for you to do to make the most out of your garden this Summer.

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Looking after your lawn

Although you should be looking after your lawn all year round you will find that it grows especially well during the summer months. Grass looks its healthiest when it is regularly cut, fed and watered and should not be allowed to grow to long lengths. This is where you will the quality of the grass start to reduce and may even find patches of missing grass appear across your lawn. Spring and summer are also the times to deal with any moss affected patches that have appeared and to sprinkle grass seed on the affected areas. You should ensure that you protect this from birds that will enjoy snacking on your recently sown seeds,as well as regularly watering the newly formed grass shoots.

Diseased plants

When Summer areas and the plants begin to grow and produce new flowers and shoots you may become aware of some plants that have been affected by pest or disease. You should deal with these swiftly to prevent them from affecting the entire plant and to stop them from spreading to other areas of your garden. When you dispose of disease or pest ridden plants you should not empty this into your compost bin as you will be adding these diseases to the compost that you will then be spreading across your soil. You are best to dispose of these down your local recycling centre or if you are allowed to have a bonfire in your area, then burning them safely is the best option.

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Container care

Containers such as troughs and hanging baskets bloom into life in the summer and can add an exceptional amount of colour to your garden and can be great for those will little planting space or with caly ridden soil. It is important though that during the warm summer days that you regularly water and feed your plants in containers and also watch for them becoming scorched in the summer sun. If you find the leaves becoming crisp you may want to move the container into another part of the garden.

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