How to choose the right website hosting company

If you’re putting a website together and not sure where to host it, there’s a number of things to consider.

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As there’s thousands of web hosting providers to choose from it’s important to consider the following:

Do some research

Read any reviews or ask around to try and find out the reputation of the companies that you’re looking into, to see if they provide a good service, support and availability.


How much support does the web host provider offer? If this isn’t a problem for you and you have the expertise to configure your own server then fine, but if not, look for a provider who has their own in-house support team who are always available to help you with any problems, either by telephone, email or live-chat.

What do you want from your website?

There’s three different options to choose from, depending on the purpose of your website. These are shared, VPS and dedicated. These work as follows:

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Useful for small to medium websites where several websites share the same server. It’s usually user-friendly and often a great way for beginners to start.


Short for virtual private server, VPS offers a plan where several websites share resources of the same server but each has its own virtual private server. It’s useful as it offers flexibility and is a good choice for websites that are likely to grow quickly.


The most expensive choice of the three options, this plan offers a dedicated server with no need to share resources. You have complete control of the server and can install software and configure the server to suit your needs. This is most suitable for websites that have a huge number of visitors.


Think about how much your website is likely to grow and how quickly. Find a plan that will suit your needs as you start out but one which gives you scope to grow as your website gets more traffic and your needs change.


When you’ve made your shortlist, compare prices to see which provider gives best value for money. Providers such as offer a choice of plans that will suit your needs from a starter site to a top premium one.


Look for a company that can provide you with fast website performance.

Consider these factors to choose the host that’s right for you

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