The Last 25 Years worth of Security Changes

We have lived through a period of unprecedented change in the last 25 years. The task of protecting ourselves and the security of our nation has come under incredible pressure to adapt and change. 25 years ago we didn’t bank online. Mobile phones were not owned by the majority of adults, and we didn’t spend our lives on social media. In fact, internet use only took off in the mid-nineties. How has this rapid evolution changed security in the last quarter century?

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Technological advances have transformed the security industry. With increasingly sophisticated technology out there, the industry has had to keep up. What started as CCTV in our streets has become so much more as our movements can be tracked online and physically and our behaviour can be stored and interpreted as needed by the security industry and security services. As it is such a far-reaching sector, a regulatory body has been set up to keep up with businesses involved.

Security Equipment

The security industry is keeping up with technology in several ways. They have the use of surveillance equipment, building security systems and sophisticated firewalls to protect their customers’ businesses and employees. They have sophisticated systems to identify threats online and can analyse vast quantities of information to protect their systems from cyber-attacks.

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One such area of security has been the adoption of surveillance equipment such as the body worn camera for frontline staff to video events where they are at risk of attack or intimidation while going about their jobs. Cameras have enabled companies to offer their staff security. As well protecting staff, they can provide footage of any incident occurring, which can be used, depending on the circumstances, to bring criminal charges.

How Does Security Affect Me?

Security cameras and sophisticated building entry protocols may be in place where you work. If using a device connected to a network, internet security protocols will be in place. CCTV will be in the public areas of your building. A security guard may be in place with surveillance equipment. Your home may be protected by an outsourced security system. Everywhere you go, business owners will be using security measures. If you have a mobile phone, records will be kept of all communications and your browsing history.  With all this in place it makes you wonder how burglary still happens and how much damage occurs every day. If you have locks that need repairing or need new ones putting in why not contact an Emergency Locksmith in Cheltenham company at sites like to come and help before it’s to late.

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