The Importance of Evergreen Content

Every marketer dreams of content that goes viral and catapults their brand into the spotlight. The reality is, however, that viral content is nigh on impossible to plan for and is a lot more elusive than you might think. Despite this fact, some marketing departments will still dedicate resources to researching and developing viral content. This is a waste of time, and there is a better way.

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What Is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is useful and relevant content, usually long-form, that is always going to be useful to your audience. You can often update it as new information or research emerges, and a lot of companies will use evergreen content to keep their brand competitive in a busy market. Here’s why it matters more than viral content.

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It’s Highly Relevant to Your Audience

Your audience is exactly that: yours. Keep that in mind when you are putting together content for them – think about their pain points and how your business can offer solutions that ease these. The content should also be actionable, meaning it drives users to do something. A good starting point in keeping your content relevant is to ask the ‘why’ question. Why does your business do what it does? These are the questions that Digital Marketing Manchester should involve.

Fosters Expert Reputation

If you stumble across a long-form blog post that is frequently updated, it gives an instant feel of authority, knowing that it hasn’t just been posted and forgotten about years later. If you are an expert or thought leader in your industry, evergreen content will ensure that you maintain that reputation with your audience.

Repurposing and Longevity

As demonstrated at, evergreen content can also be repurposed and distributed through other channels, meaning it has a much longer shelf like that an e-shot, for example. If you have a piece of content that draws on a lot of statistical-based research, consider using this to put together an infographic.

The fact content can be repurposed makes it a great candidate for social sharing too, especially when you can break your message down into bite-sized chunks to reach a wider audience. It can even work as a tool to encourage interaction.

Constructing evergreen content can be time-consuming, but consider its lifetime value. You should definitely be using it.

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