Weird stuff down the drain

Blockages down the drain are never pleasant things. Sadly, they are quite easliy done and you may well need the attention of a CCTV Drain Survey Cheltenham based company like to see what exactly is going on down there. At least CCTV saves someone for physically having to go and explore the problem. What strange things have there been discovered down the drains blocking them?

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  1. Lots and lots of nappies. It’s not such an uncommon occurrence. There is many a new

Father who despairs with all the waste his new born child is creating and the safest bet seems to be to try and flush it.

  1. Wet wipes and Anti Bac. Following on from the Nappies issue the thing that has been used to clean the babies also ends up down the loo. Sadly, wipes are not paper, they are actually a piece of plastic need to retain the moisture. Unlike loo roll they do not disintegrate.

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  1. Animals. Not alligators and crocodiles which have been mooted before. The main issue is more likely to be rats or voles. To them the drain is quite a comfy place to set up home. Your nearby bin is a great source of food.
  2. Mobile phones. It never ceases to amaze drain workers how many mobile phones end up wedged in the drainpipe. Phones have gotten smaller since the bricks of the nineteen eighties so they can go down a bit easier. Many people have suggest they have been flushed by angry partners unhappy with what they have found on them.

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