Six Tips to Help You Choose an Effective Brand Name

Every business needs a name, but do you realise just how significant your choice really is? For many companies, the brand name can come as something as an afterthought, but it’s actually one of the most crucial decisions that you can make.

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An article in points out that consumers need to feel comfortable with the brands they interact with. That means you need to select a name which resonates with them and creates emotional impact. So clearly, this is something that you need to spend time on deciding, and we’ve prepared a list of six tips to help you.

1. Know your customer base

The name of your brand needs to resonate with your core audience, so your first task is to know exactly who you’re targeting. Establish buyer personas, and make sure that any names you put forward will appeal to your demographic.

2. Consider using professional assistance

Marketing and branding companies know exactly what’s needed to come up with the perfect brand name, saving you time and trouble. For example, experts in branding Cheltenham-based company can create an effective brand for you while you concentrate on running your business.

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3. Check availability

With so many business out there, there’s a good chance that your chosen name is already being used by someone, so take the time to do your research. Infringing on another brand’s copyright will cost you money, as well as valuable time in coming up with an alternative name.

4. Keep it simple

Your brand name needs to be succinct enough to be memorable. Long and complicated names won’t trip off your customers’ tongues, so keep your brand name as short as possible. Avoid using your own name, unless it’s particularly relevant, and consider whether you could shorten it to create a more catchy brand name.

5. Check your language

Even if your brand isn’t yet international, it might be one day. So make sure that your chosen name doesn’t cause offence or make you a laughing stock in other countries.

6. Copyright your brand

When you’ve spent time and money investing in a brand name, you don’t want to find that someone else is cashing in on your brand. Make sure that you copyright your brand so that your rights won’t be infringed.

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