What is the small claims court for?

The easiest way to undertake legal action against an individual or business is through a small claims court.

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However, ensure that you have got a case before attempting to go through the small claims court, as new fees introduced in 2014 mean that you will pay twice the sum if you lose.

The small claims court

The small claims court does not actually exist. In reality, it is a more straightforward process for simple cases, which usually take under one day to be resolved, and are less than £10,000.

One of the main advantages is that claims can be made online, which keeps it more informal, and a lawyer is not required. However, for Gloucester solicitors, contact a firm such as https://www.deeandgriffin.co.uk.

Some cases do go undefended, which could mean an easy win for your case. If you do lose your case, the costs against you are generally limited.

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What claims can I make?

Before making your claim, ensure you are genuine and accurate, while avoiding embellishments. If a judge discovers that you are lying, you will not win, so honesty is the best policy.

Ask yourself if the process is worth it, if you can afford to do it and if you have been actually wronged? If the answer is yes then you should start a claim in the small claims court.

The small claims court is the ideal course of action for consumer disputes and breach of contract, where each claim will be judged in accordance with the law. For example, if you wish to claim for poorly completed work by a cowboy builder, or a washing machine which has faults, you could go through a small claims court. Whether you sue a company or individual, the process is identical.

Some individuals have had success in the small claims court, and in most situations, the companies who are being sued pay up compensation before even going to the hearing.

If a shop refuses to accept faulty or poor quality goods for return and your complaint is dismissed, never forget that you have rights as a consumer. Whether you have hired a service or purchased goods, understand your rights before going further with a small claim.

Once you understand your rights, persist with your complaint as far as you can go before threatening them with small claims court proceedings.

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