Essential Yoga

Yoga exercises are one of the best low-impact exercises for power, endurance training and balance. It’s also true that variety poses can control the health, organs ands different body systems.

There are thirty essential yoga poses, which can be done in a class or at home, available in book form or DVD. Here are just a few.

Downward Facing Dog Pose: Downward facing dog is best known vital yoga poses it is a rejuvenating stretch that helps the brain to calm down and get relieve stress and alleviate mild depression. Along with it, it stretches the calves, shoulders, arches, hamstrings, and the hands. It also strengthens the arms and legs.

Cobra Pose: This yoga pose helps in stretching the chest, shoulders, lungs and abdomen, which fits down the spine and firms the buttocks. It’s therapeutic for people suffering from asthma as it helps to relieve stress and fatigue and stimulates your abdominal organs.

Child’s Pose: The child yoga pose calmly stretches the thighs, hips and ankles. It gives peace to the brain and also lowers down stress. It is one of the most well known pose for getting relieve from neck and back pain.

Essential Yoga

Lotus Pose: The lotus pose is tough to master. It is very beneficial pose but for it one must do regular practice and requires flexible hips. This yoga poses lower menstrual discomfort, ease childbirth and calm the brain.

The main goal of yoga is to cleanse the mind and body. However, nowadays many people are starting yoga not just for the spiritual benefits, but also because they know that it’s a good way of improving overall body conditioning as well.
Some of the benefits of yoga include:

Strengthens muscle tone
Your energy levels increase
Increased flexibility
You get more endurance
Overweight people usually experience some weight loss
If you’re just starting out with yoga, it can be helpful to learn a few simple yoga poses, which can help you with your everyday health. People with certain injuries or illnesses, should consult their doctor first.

Here are some yoga accessories you will need in your regular practices.

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