Saying ‘Thank you’: The Importance of Showing Appreciation to Your Workers

There is no official guide when it comes to how to say thank-you to your peers, bosses and employees. The whole workplace showing of gratitude is weirdly complicated. With so many social dynamics at play that aren’t normally around in other areas of our lives, we are ill-equipped to deal with this emotion and desire to thank others at work.


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Thank-you is not said enough amongst co-workers, and we go around feeling under-appreciated and don’t realise the impact our work has on others. Ironically, people thrive in the workplace when they believe their contributions have meaning and feel more engaged in their work.

Thanking Your Boss

Only do it when it matters – not all the time or it will appear insincere. Be truthful, direct and concise, and don’t shower them with praise. Explain your appreciation for what they do with examples such as an opportunity they helped with or an area they have helped you learn. Buying presents or meals is probably unwise, and you should stick to words to express your gratitude.

Thanking Employees

This is the most used thank-you in the workplace but still of great value when done right. Be sincere and direct and let your staff know they are appreciated and why. If you wish to thank the whole team for a combined effort or throw them an end-of-year party to express your gratitude, look no further than corporate Christmas events. Companies such as Davis Events Christmas corporate events agency can organize a party for you, allowing you to show your employees how much you appreciate them.

Thanking a Peer

Our closest relationships are normally with our peers, but relationships can be competitive and thanking our competitors can feel wrong. Keeping our thanks verbal or perhaps giving a hand-written note can be the safest option and only when there is a specific reason to do so. However, unlike with our bosses, with peers our thanks can be a bit more personal, so you can tie it in with your own feelings.

Showing people you appreciate them builds trust and strengthens relationships. Those who say thank-you in the workplace tend to be happier and more popular than those who don’t. The more positivity you show, the more that comes back to you.

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