Flexible Ways to Finance Your Next New Car

You decided you’re not going to risk going for the used cars market. As your next purchase will then

be a brand new car, you should always expect a significant price to pay. There is no way this could be

a light expenditure, therefore you may want to know how to make these future payments feel less harsh

on you.

This article will show you which are the flexible car finance options valid these days. Choosing the

suitable one will make it all hassle-free and convenient. Find out about dealer options, personal loans

and more.

Personal Loan Flexibility

By taking a personal loan, a car buyer has a certain degree of control. Moreover, this option has often

been cheaper than going to dealers for cars on finance. Loans are recommended to those with a very

clean credit record, however. If you meet this standard, you can take out a personal loan and choose

to repay it over one or two years and up to ten years. This degree of flexibility is beneficial to many,

regardless of the interest rate. If you opt for a longer term though, repayments decrease. Shorter terms

and high repayments, on the other hand, lower your interest rate.

The Contract Hire Option

How about a deal so flexible that lets you hand back the car when no longer desired? You can drive

it on a regular basis but not exactly own it. Instead, you only pay for the period you hire it for and

the mileage/the usage. To many, this means ultimate flexibility. You will not have to worry about the

vehicle’s value going down or about how (and if) you’re going to sell it. With contract hire you can

choose a specific length of time and also communicate the expected mileage. The monthly payments

will be influenced by those numbers.

Dealers’ Cars on Finance Programmes

Car owners who shook hands with a dealer fancy the easiness and flexibility of updating their car

whenever. Furthermore, dealers offer on-the-spot vehicle financing, which is a great shortcut to take.

This may be a convenient way, but provides less flexibility than the rest. The low repayments are also

nice, but in the long run the costs are getting big for cars on finance. It’s safer to just ask about this.

Getting the right answers from the dealer has saved many from unnecessary or unexpected expenses.

Ask about the total repayments value including all other charges and compare offers from several


When selecting your financing method, weigh down the convenience factors against the total

repayments. Now you can apply online for vehicle finance. Getting a loan is still one of the most

flexible ways to pay for a new car, but the easy, quick and convenient options often come with less

pleasant consequences in the long run. Thus, it is important to make that comparison. You may even

check with your favourite car manufacturer and see what flexible options they have. Brands like Toyota

are advertising their own flexible financing plans.

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