5 Ways Your Family Can Proactively Protect Your Home Against Intruders

Keeping your family safe is always an item that tops to the priority list. After all, with safety comes peace of mind and that is truly priceless. Home and family are the most important things that an individual has. That being said, here are five ways you could make their homes, even more, intruder proof and their families a whole lot safer

1. Beef It Up

Most people think that by adding stronger locks, doors, and windows that they are wasting their time. The truth is intruders would much prefer an easy in. Even when a family is out of town, an intruder is less likely to attempt entering a home that offers a lot of resistance. Improving the strength of locks and doors alone will deter someone looking to break in.

2. Keep It Locked

So many times families install many locks and then don’t lock their doors. When a family is home, the doors should be locked. When they are away the doors should be locked. Installing the locks and then using them consistently will further serve as a deterrent for someone that is looking to break into your residence.

3. Plan Ahead

Families heading out of town need to make sure and leave someone to watch their home. It is okay to have your mail held at the post office but it is even better to have someone enter your residence every day. Those looking to break in will be watching. If someone is intermittently coming by, they will be less likely to attempt to break into that residence.

4. Home Security System

The best home automation security system is, of course, the best deterrent of all. Whether a family is home or away there is always someone watching over their home, keeping them and their belongings safe. Home security monitoring systems help to prevent robberies as they usually post a sign outside the residence, which in and of itself serves as a deterrent. Anyone entering the residence without knowing the security code will automatically trigger an alarm and the authorities will be notified. As long as the residents keep the alarm set, they will remain consistently protected. Home security systems usually cost only minimally to maintain and are a worthwhile investment.

5. Motion Lights

Lights that react to motion can be a simple home security tool. Whether a family is at home or not, lights surrounding the perimeter of the home or property will help serve to scare a malicious individual off. Motion sensor lights are a good investment and are simple to install. They can really serve as a deterrent to those individuals intending a family harm.

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