Not one for Walkies

You have to wonder what Hades the God of the Underworld was thinking when he decided he’d quite like a pet. I mean, I can understand that he was probably feeling a bit lonely down there with nothing but ghosts trying to escape to talk to so a pet might be nice to take his mind of the job. Its also a great way of reducing stress and blood pressure so studies have shown. He’d contacted the Cheltenham Garage Conversions team at and turned his into a nice place for it and wandered up, as he lives in the underworld, to have a gander at the options.

How about a Hydra, no to snakey, not very cuddly and far to many heads, quite a needy animal. A Cyclops, no they go on about boring stuff all the time and the last thing he needed was another self-centred talker. He had enough of that from the dead. Always going on about their boring life and could they go back for a bit to speak to Aunty Doreen as they really wanted to tell her what they actually thought of her curtains or that they needed to tell their Husband Charlie about the pile of gold they’d hidden in the goat pen. They’d only be 5 minutes honest.  Yeah, a likely story. A gold fish then? No, they’d probably turn out to be a spy for Poseidon. Hades would be worried that the fish was reporting back on what he was up to via some weird fish telepath thing.

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Truth be told Hades felt that a cat would be nice, but it wasn’t in keeping with the macho image that he’d built up around himself. Have Mr Whiskers sat in his lap whilst scowling at another request from a dead soul to go back up top and tell someone’s son how to fix a leaky bucket was not the image he was looking for. So, he had decided on a dog. A very specific dog at that.

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And here it was. The offspring of half woman half snake Echidina and the giant snake and all round fearsome creature Typhon. They been a lovely couple actually, he’d met them the other week. They said they weren’t really proper dog breeders. In fact, they been surprised that he was a dog at all. “We thought he be a basilisk, but what can you do, we are mythological creatures after all so it’s any one’s guess” Typhon had said. Hades decided he liked the name Cereberus and with his three heads, snake for a tail and what appeared to be snakes in his private bits he was pretty much the ticket. No requests from the dead to take him for walkie! In fact, Hades wasn’t sure he fancied it either. “Home then boy, who’s a good boy, yes you are, yes you are!” Hades through a ball and the dog proceeded to try and run in three places simultaneously before finally figuring out that it needed to work together if it was going to get anywhere in life. This will be fun thought Hades.

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