Mottisfont Abbey. Not an Abbey anymore still a work of art.

Deep the heart of Hampshire lies one of the National Trusts most unusual and exciting properties. Mottisfont Abbey is a wonderful conundrum to discover in its interior, famous Rose Gardens and the grounds themselves. It also contains several works of art and some incredible work by Rex Whistler. If you in the market and searching online for a fitted wardrobes Hampshire then there are some lovely ones at

The front of Mottisfont is a grand Georgian look, wonderfully symmetric with elements that have been added over the years in equal measure. Don’t be fooled though, as the name suggested there beats a medieval heart to this place. The more modern parts have been built around a priory. The property came into its own in the 1930’s when it was bought by Maud Russel and turned into her home. She had a plan for the place. Her intention was to make the property a haven for artists to come and live and produce work without the pressures they felt, both socially and financially in what were for many very depressed and austere times. The Trust has remained true to this vision and it retains a set of galleries through the top floor of the property.

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Russell’s vison was that Mottisfont would provide not just relaxation but also inspiration to the artist colony she was looking to build. It’s easy to see why. Mottisfont is located in a beautiful location but it is also a very seasonal place that reflects the aspect of Winter, Spring Summer and Autumn so much so that you can set your watch by it. In the lawns and woodlands, you will find a carpet of spring flowers and healthy display of snow drops before that. This woodland also provides a colourful covering of leaves come the Autumn and in there winter there is the winter garden for some much need colour. Did I miss out summer? There is a reason as I left to the best till last!

The Rose Garden at Mottisfont is one of the natural wonders of Britain and should be on the lost of things to do before you die. It is at it’s best an absolute riot of colour, its almost too much for the senses. June is the peak time and it gets very busy. There are over 500 varieties of Rose that need to be protected and looked after. Some so rare they can trace there lineage back to when they were brought back by the Crusaders. Imagine that? When you see that Rosa gallica it was probably a gift brought to the Monks by a Knight to give thanks for his safe return. There are prehistoric varieties and the Trust believes they may the only examples left.

Visit when in Hampshire, you won’t regret it.

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