Inventory Software for Multiple Locations

With so many great point-of-sale apps for both Android and iOS devices, many businesses are also utilizing mobile platforms for their inventory needs. Best of all, there are dozens of great inventory apps out there for both platforms that are completely free, so most businesses can get their systems up and running for little to no cost. However, there are some businesses that operate several locations and need the ability to transfer from one store to another and track each store’s inventory independently.

To give you a real-world example to help you understand better, we’ll take a look a fireworks company. Imagine a fireworks company that has one year-round location, but opens several temporary locations in vacant storefronts and party tents for about two weeks out of the year. On top of that, they have an online store that sells sparklers for weddings that come out of the same inventory as the year-round location. Using one of the many free point-of-sale apps that are available makes life easy when running a business out of a temporary location that may or may not have access to power, but tracking the inventory for each location is vital to eliminate extra costs.

Fortunately, there are several great software companies that are creating solutions and hitting the market depending on the app you happen to use. If you use PayPal or Square Register, a company named Otterology has a piece of software that works perfectly. If you are using another popular cash register app, Stitch Labs has created integrated software solutions for most of the other popular flavors. Regardless which system you prefer for your small retail business, you can easily gain the same tools that big companies have while at the same time utilizing the latest technology to make your business management tools completely mobile. As new features become available, there are bound to be more players in the inventory software market. Soon everything will be completely cloud-based and mobile, and businesses both large and small will be playing on the same level.

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