Art Start-ups

If you have a creative flair and love to spend your spare time indulging in your hobby, have you ever considered turning your passion into a viable business venture? If you dream about becoming a professional artist then here are some useful tips that they don’t teach you in Art College:

By going from hobbyist to entrepreneur, it’s always useful when marketing a product to find a niche market. Just like any brand, your artwork needs to have a specific identity. You need to be renowned for this niche and become an expert in it. Whatever you do, even it’s only one design, make sure you are the very best at that one thing so that people think of you when hear about it or see it. Once you establish yourself in a niche, it is relatively easy to then branch out into other things. If you’re not sure what your unique selling point will be then experiment and play around.

Don’t listen to those who tell you it can’t be done. If we all listened to ‘those’ people then nobody would ever achieve anything. Whether they think they’re helping or are just plain jealous, you don’t need to hear it and you’re not going to listen to it.

If you receive criticism then take it on the chin but don’t change. Everyone has their own opinion but this is your creation and you stand by that conviction. Ask for suggestions or ideas on how they would improve the product to try to turn a negative into a positive. At the end of the day, art is your interpretation of the world, not theirs.

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Think about selling business to business as the effort required to this is exactly the same as selling to individuals but the businesses have bigger bucks. They will also have more connections and resources to help finance your continuing art business. Do you already know anybody in the art industry, such as interior designers, art consultants or art gallery employees? Think about unique ways to promote your art that might seem immediately obvious. You could even get some reproductions of your work and offer to display free copies in business foyers or public offices. For Artwork Copying, visit

Don’t forget the power of an online presence in bringing your work to the masses. Social media offers a great platform for showcasing your artwork. The internet also offers the opportunity to show your work to the world and not just your local community. Art start-ups are growing rapidly and a recent report by Hiscox showed that 71% of art collectors make purchases just by looking at the digital picture online. The internet can be a very powerful tool for your business. Remember, first and foremost that your passion is art and you can’t have a business without the artwork so don’t forget to create and take time to create for fun otherwise you will lose the essence of why you started doing it in the first place.

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