How to protect your windows from shattering in the extreme temperatures

As the summer continues to heat up, we might all start to hear the crack of glass, not unfortunately from the clink of one cool drink cup against another, but as glass in our car windscreens or glazing units buckle in the sun.

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Stop your windscreen woes

The inside of any car parked in the sun can quickly start to feel like an oven, and when it’s been parked for a while it could heat up to as much as 225 degrees. If you brave the heat to get back into your car and turn on the air-conditioning full force, your windscreen glass could crack due to the rapid change in temperature. Roll down your windows to let out some of the heat before you turn on the AC in your car, and make sure you get any scratches or chips in your windscreen fixed as these can be exacerbated by extreme heat from the summer sun.

Window protection

It’s not just cars that can crack under the heat. Or the cold. Double glazing in our windows can crack in extremes of temperature, but most often in extreme cold.

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With two sheets of glass placed either side of a vacuum or layer of inert gas that acts as a barrier to contain or repel heat, a double glazed window can crack if subject to too much pressure. Extreme heat from the sun can be one extreme force, but it is any large difference in temperature on either side of the window that is most likely to cause a cracked window.

The Energy Saving Trust says fitting energy efficient windows can help you balance the temperature of your home, helping you keep it warm and cool when you want to, and likely preventing any shattering under extreme temperatures.

Should the worst happen and you need emergency glaziers Leicester has experts such as Norman and Underwood Glazing who are ready to respond 24 hours a day if you contact them Emergency Glaziers Leicester N and U glass.

Remember to fix chips and scratches on glass in your car and home and fit energy efficient windows and you’ll be sure they can not only withstand the heatwave but also help you keep your cool.

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