How to give your garden a festive makeover

In the run up to Christmas it can be easy to neglect your garden. But not only is the Winter a great time of the year to do some of the garden jobs ready for the Spring and Summer, but it is also a great part of the home to decorate in the run up to the big day. Most people decorate a Christmas tree inside their home, put up lights and cards. But why not in the garden too? Whatever the size and style of your garden there are many great ways you can make it look festive and get some of those jobs done now.

Create your very own Santa’s Grotto! If you have a shed or an outdoor building, such as the outdoor structures from summerhouse Worcester company World of Smile, they make an ideal Santa’s grotto for younger children. If you don’t have young children, it still can become a magical fairy house with the right decorations and is the perfect place to sit and enjoy a mulled wine or two! Decorate the outside with twinkling lights, adorn the windows with artificial snow, and put up signs, such as ‘Santa’s Grotto’ or ‘Elves Workshop’ – Your own little bit of Lapland in your back garden!

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You Own Enchanted Forest – If you have a garden full of plants, shrubs and trees, you can easily create a festive enchanted forest! Fairy lights hung through the trees and bushes look stunning at night and add in outdoor ornaments to fit the woodland theme. Deer, foxes and owls all make it look mysterious and magical. If you have a garden path, small solar lights dotted along the edges will also look great, not just at Christmas but all year round! If you want something specifically Christmassy, how about these candy cane lights?

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Pretty Christmas Patio – If you have a smaller garden or balcony with no grass, small potted Christmas trees are a great addition to bring a bit of Christmas spirit to your outdoor space. Garden ornaments with Christmas themes and potted holly bushes are also perfect for small patio gardens. Don’t forget, no matter what the size of the garden, to leave out a Santa please stop here sign, and some reindeer food!

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