A Brief Guide to Converting a Barn

A great way to live in the countryside is to convert your own barn. Barn conversions have been increasingly popular over the last couple of years. They are a great way to have a house in the country, and they offer the opportunity to be able to design it yourself.


When you do convert a barn, although you can have a choice in how you do things, it is important to keep the refurbishments in line with the building – after all, the charm and appeal of a barn conversion is retaining the original character of the building – think oak roof truss and natural materials.

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This isn’t to say you can’t incorporate a modern design, but it should be something that is done with extreme care! There are many different types of barn that you may find, if you are thinking of a barn conversion, it is worth having a look at the various types of barn that you might find in the UK.


Once you have found your perfect barn, you will need to obtain the necessary planning permission to convert it. When doing this you should definitely read through the local planning guidelines thoroughly to make sure that your plans have a good chance of being accepted.

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You also need to budget for the refurbishment – remember to factor in everything, from the building costs, the architect as well as the fixtures and fittings – if you are skilled in this sort of work, you may want to undertake some of it yourself to save money.

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