Garage Door Trends

This year will see lots of exciting new trends in garage doors with new technology unveiled and attractive new finishes. Garage doors are no longer seen just as a functional utility item for protecting the garage and storing cars safely: they are now becoming an important part of the home with fun colours and a personal touch.

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Glass and Wood

One of the most interesting developments in garage doors in recent times is the new approach to materials that doors can be made from. For example, glass doors are becoming more popular as a choice of material for garage doors. A glass frontage helps to make the garage look larger and gives a sunny, conservatory-like feeling to the space.

Wood is another interesting material for a garage door. No longer are doors always metal, and wooden doors for the garage are becoming quite a popular choice. This material gives a retro or vintage look to the garage and is a step away from overtly trendy designs. Wood is a warm material and gives a more homely feel than cold metal.

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Automatic garage doors can be made out of a number of different materials, and there are lots of companies that can install an automatic door for you, such as

Windows and Screens

Larger doors are also becoming popular for garages, as are larger windows. These both make the garage feel more like a regular room in the home. A large door is practical and enables big vehicles and other items to pass through comfortably. A large window also gives a homely feel to the space.

Screen doors on garages allow for more air to enter the space while still keeping debris and dirt out. This is a new style choice due to more people making use of their garage as another room, such as a gym or home office, instead of a space that is used just for vehicle storage. Home offices are becoming especially popular now more people are working for themselves, resulting in there being lots of quirky home offices within people’s homes.

The rest of 2017 is set to be awash with new designs for garage doors, including new materials and new styles of door. Whatever style you choose to go for, the most important thing is to ensure it is fitted by experts.

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