Have you heard of the ten step Korean skincare regime?

The Koreans are famous for their beautiful skin, which they perfect with an incredible ten-step regime! If you have only just discovered the double oil cleanse, the prospect of a ten-step routine may seem utterly daunting; however, the good news is that the steps are not taken each day – and they give fantastic results!

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Step 1: remove eye makeup

Use a good-quality and gentle eye makeup remover that removes all traces of mascara without tugging the skin. You can also use this to remove long-wear lip products.

Step 2: cleanse

If you spent ten minutes putting on your makeup, take ten minutes to remove it. Start with an oil cleanser and follow this with a cream or light gel cleanser.

Step 3: exfoliate

Avoid harsh scrubs; instead, try a gentle product and concentrate on the T-zone. This only needs to be done once a fortnight – Korean women take the ‘less is more’ approach to exfoliation.

Step 4: refresh

Called toning in the west, Koreans use this step to remove cleanser residue and pollution. Choose a gentle PH neutral toner; for example, the Avene Sensitive Skin Gift set is available from retailers such as http://www.lifeandlooks.com/avene-sensitive-skin-gift-set.html.

Step 5: the essence

This is the most important step for Korean women, increasing cell turnover to make your skin brighter.

Step 6: an ampoule

This is a very concentrated version of an essence, similar to a serum. They will brighten skin and refresh it.

Step 7: a sheet mask

Use this twice a week and pick one designed to provide moisture. The mask sits on your skin to push nourishing ingredients into the epidermis and provide targeted action.

Step 8: eye cream

Tap just a little around the eye area, without any tugging. Try a light gel, which is naturally refreshing.

Step 9: moisturiser

Another layer! Make it light by rubbing in with gentle strokes and choosing a product that is right for your skin type.

Step 10: a night cream

Use a richer cream at night to retain hydration. For a real Korean twist, choose a product with fermented ingredients!

If you can follow this regime consistently, you will notice incredible differences in your skin – especially when combined with a good diet, adequate hydration, good-quality sleep and exercise.

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