Are Millennials Lacking Basic Survival Skills?

Throughout history, surviving in the great outdoors has been second nature for humans, but a recent survey suggests that many of today’s Millennials lack basic survival skills.

The survey compared other generations to Millennials and concluded that Millennials are lacking in practical skills such as swimming, tying knots and map reading.

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Practical survival skills cannot be underestimated when participating in outdoor activities, especially in areas of wilderness and harsh conditions. If you are in a remote and unfriendly environment, your greatest asset is your survival skills. Nature can be a deadly force and must not be underestimated.

Making Fire

Outdoor experts advise carrying food and emergency supplies when spending time in the great outdoors, and being able to start a fire is a very important skill – one that could mean life or death. The survey showed that only one third of Millennials knew how to start a fire. This skill is thousands of years old and helped mankind to survive and evolve. To lose the skill now among present and future generations could be devastating to the human race.

Outdoor Equipment

On an outdoor adventure course, you can learn these skills and put your experience to the test. Camping and hiking go hand in hand, and ensuring you have all the necessary outdoor survival equipment for your trip will give you the best chance of surviving in difficult and challenging circumstances. A specialist company such as provides survival equipment for your outdoor adventure.

The Age of Technology

One of the biggest reasons that Millennials are lacking survival skills is technology. We rely on our smartphones and GPS to tell us where we are and how to get somewhere. When we’re lost or stranded, we use technology to get us out of our situation. It is always recommended to carry a paper map.

Map Reading

No matter whether you are driving or hiking, a paper map will be there if you cannot get any signal on your phone or you run out of battery. However, you need to know how to read maps and determine where you are by using a map in the first place. This basic survival skill should continue to be taught and practised by present and future generations, along with many other essential and vitally important survival skills.

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