5 Tactics for Engaging New and Existing Customers Online

If you were to ask any successful business to share with you one thing that has significantly increased their consumer base as well as their profits, we’re willing to bet that what they would put on the very top of that list is e-commerce. That’s because without a doubt, the internet has helped companies to reach customers all over the world. And the more people you can connect with, the more money you have the ability to earn. That’s why it’s so essential that you do all that you can to engage both new as well as existing customers online.

If you happen to run a business and you’d like a few tips on how you can stay in touch with your customers, we have five tactics for you to incorporate below:

Make comments. Whether it’s on your website, Facebook fan page, Twitter account, blog or YouTube subscription page, if people make the time to send you a question or comment, it’s important that you show them the courtesy of responding. The more you show that you are willing to interact with individuals who come to your website and social media platforms, the more likely they will be to want to conduct business with you.

Send out newsletters. Thanks to the power and presence of social media, some people feel that newsletters are no longer necessary. Personally, we couldn’t disagree more. Newsletters are what help you to develop a database of email addresses (which are always helpful). Plus, through them, you can send out discounts and special offers to VIP customers. That’s always something that will help to keep people interested.

Keep up with their birthdays. Something that will definitely provide your customers with a “personal touch” is to either mail them birthday cards (or postcards) or to shout them out via your Facebook page. It’s an innovative way to make them feel like less of a customer and more like family.

Send out surveys. When you first introduced your business to cyberspace, you may have gotten your company listed on some of the brilliant directories on the internet, just to get the word out. Now that more individuals know about you, how about sending some surveys to your current customers as well as those who visit your website? The reason why this can prove to be helpful is because the feedback that you receive can show you the areas where you may need to improve upon some things whether it’s your level of customer service, upgrading your website or even shortening your shipping times.

Throw an online “thank you” party. Websites like Skype and social media platforms such as Twitter make it easy for you to interact with customers online. So, if you have reached a milestone in your business or there are a certain group of people who have gone above and beyond when it comes to their level of support, throw them an online party. With Skype, you can chat with multiple people at once. Or, if you would prefer to use Twitter, Outspoken Media has a great article on how to throw a Twitter party. Just go to the site and put “Twitter party” in the search field.


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