Visit the quirkier side of Edinburgh

If you’re heading to Edinburgh, make a note of these slightly more unusual attractions that are too good to be missed. Take a walk off the beaten tourist path and discover the quirky, lesser known treats that this Scottish city has to offer.

Maison de Moggy

Cat lovers everywhere will want to include this on their itinerary. This is the very first cat café in the whole of Scotland. What could be more awesome than cats plus coffee plus cake? Enjoy your visit with twelve felines but be sure to make a reservation as this is one popular destination. There is a charge to enter the café for an hour session, but all the money goes towards the care of the kitties.

Surgeon’s Hall Museum

For those with a strong stomach, at this museum you’ll see exhibits like diseased kidneys in jars and deformed appendages just sitting around shelves in jars full of formaldehyde. It’s an unusual attraction but if you have a genuine interest in medical history or anatomy, then this place is fascinating and highly educational, if a little gross! The museum also combines other collections such as the Wohl Pathology Museum, the History of Surgery and The Dental Collection.

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Camera Obscura

This is a cool and quirky museum located not far from the iconic Edinburgh Castle. It’s a unique mix of fun house and museum with five floors of interactive exhibits and fun illusions. Right at the very top of the building, you’ll find the Camera Obscura and an awesome view of the city and castle. For flights to Edinburgh from Irish Airports, visit

Museum of Childhood

This museum is like a walk along memory lane and contains a wealth of interactive exhibits for families and children to enjoy. It’s free to visit and explains the importance of play in child development. Its full of toys from different eras of history and covers topics as broad as changing décor and health care.

Leith Walkway

It might be a humble path but its bursting with charm and history. The water of Leith walkway offers a peaceful escape from the bustle of the city without even leaving the city. It’s pretty long though, at 12 miles long but you can choose how far to walk. There are some amazing photo opportunities of the river and local wildlife but be prepared for rain and mud.

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Mary King’s Close

A great place for discovering the darker elements of Edinburgh’s past. It’s a little creepy, this underground city but full of exciting interactive exhibits but it’s hugely popular so get your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment. Mary King was a female merchant who lived near the close and this museum is located beneath the Royal Mile with a maze of passages transporting you back in time to when Edinburgh was a busy global centre of commerce and trade.

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