Keeping your office chair clean

What gets used more than 40 hours a week to support you at work but probably gets a little dirty from time to time? Yes, you got it – your office chair! Office chair faithfully serve us everyday but we tend to take them for granted and they don’t get the kind of attention that our home seats do.

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Have a look at your faithful office chair and you will see that it can be a breeding ground for bacteria, dust and dirt. When was the last time it had a good clean? Here are some common materials used for office chairs and the best way to keep them hygienic.

  1. Fabric

Cloth or fabric chairs are an economical option for many offices and as such, are a common sight but fabric has a tendency to attract dirt, as well as fibres, spills and dust.

Ideally, the first stage of cleaning the cloth seats is to use the vacuum to remove dust and dirt from the surfaces. Foam upholstery cleaners can be applied over all areas of the cloth in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. A hard-bristled brush can then be used to scrub off stubborn stains. The seat should be left for about 10 minutes to dry and then vacuumed again to remove any that the foam has been brought to the surface. Don’t forget overall office cleaning will help stop chairs becoming too grubby. For Office cleaners City Of London, visit a site like

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  1. Leather

Leather seats look great in the office, very professional and smart. However, they can also get dirty over time. As this chair is more expensive, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Dusting regularly is a good idea to remove surface dust and debris. A brush with soft bristles will avoid damage to delicate materials.

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