How to have an event that stands out

In a packed annual calendar of ​​corporate events, how do you make yours stand out from the rest? Most delegates complain when they realize that they are invited to yet another conference but there are some easy ways to arouse more enthusiasm and excitement for your event. Try out some of these ideas to make your event a prominent conference this year:


If the budget allows, try to order at least one famous or well-known speaker for your event. Someone who is entertaining, liked, has a great reputation in the industry and a healthy following on social media. Appearances like this can work wonders for the success of your event and even better if he or she is ready to post about their appearance in their social media feeds.

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Social media

This is a great tool when used to your advantage. It’s easy to post about your event and add updates etc. but try something a little different to get people to talk about it. Hosting Twitter Chat is a useful way to engage people, generate interest, and make participants excited about what will happen on the day of the event. This is an effective way to try something different to stand out from other events.


Most conferences take place in places where people expect them to be. Why not hold your conference in a unique place? Get creative and think about places that will interest people, offer new and fun experiences and educate. This is where the services of a professional event management company can be useful because they are experts in planning and running events like yours. Remember that outdoor or unique locations might require a generator to supply power. For more information on Generator Rental, visit Newburn Power Rental.


Working with local or national charities close to your heart is another good idea to make your event a little more special. You will raise much needed funds for worthy causes and also get positive media attention for your business as well as from charity advertisements and local newspapers. Be sure to highlight this in all your social media feeds, which contains useful information about charity, its causes and how this fits in with your company’s ethos.


People like to receive things for free, so think about how you can reward delegates who came back from last year. You can offer them invitations for exclusive dinners, vouchers for local businesses, special discounts for booking tickets early or whatever you can creatively imagine and have a budget for. Offer goodie bags, free shirts from sponsors or other attractive incentives.

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Make your event more interactive and it will be more fun and memorable for participants than if they were only passive spectators. Test your guest knowledge about your organization or the theme of the conference event with a fun trivia game. You can even add small prizes and make them compete individually or in teams. Learning is more fun when there is active participation and an optimistic atmosphere.

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