Why we should all learn bushcraft skills

There are some skills that we modern people have been lost and many are now trying to rediscover. The art of living naturally is becoming highly popular as people are trying to reconnect with nature.

Great for troubleshooting – bush craft courses or events are ideal for everyone but especially to encourage young people to develop their problem-solving skills. Learning to create and maintaining a fire, using tools, finding safe food sources, navigating and cooking are all important skills that can help save your life one day and also give you a range of abilities that can be adapted to other situations. Make sure you have the right gear. Check out Camping Shops Ireland at a site like Basecamp, one of the to Camping Shops Ireland

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Reconnect – take time away from technology and social media to reconnect with how your ancestors lived. They had great wisdom and by rediscovering ancient techniques, we can reawaken their thought processes, gain insight into their lives and equally, what shaped our lives today.

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Experiencing the Natural Environment – it’s a sad fact that children do not play as much as they used to a few decades ago. This is especially true of children who live in urban areas. When you are trying to educate the public about the importance of sustainability and recycling etc., disconnecting with nature will not help in that education. Interest in science subjects has been reduced recently but this may be reversed with a curriculum offering a wider access to the natural environment, engaging students and making wider subjects more accessible and relevant.

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