What is a Shamrock?

Shamrock, as a name, may have come from a story of Saint Patrick. It is said that he went on a quest with his twelve companions in search of a tree bearing berries. While searching, he picked up a twig on a branch and ate it, taking it to be a shamrock. While most people consider all berries in Ireland to be shamrocks, this is not the case; hence, shamrocks may have been what Saint Patrick initially found.

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So what is a shamrock? Well, shamrock is an Irish word meaning green or red (tweed) grass. While shamrock has come to mean many things to many different people, green, red or three-leaf clover is what truly signifies the name shamrock. While shamrocks are most commonly found in Ireland, they are also found on flags, in artwork, and even on clothing. While shamrocks are most commonly found on shamrock plants, one can also find them in jewelry, coins, pins, badges, and in various other ways around the world. They make the base for quite a few ST Patricks Day Gifts.

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The shamrock comes from a story about the three-leaf clover (or shamrock) which Patrick used to teach the holy trinity of the Father. Son and Holy Ghost. This would make perfect sense since shamrocks are Irish symbols and most Irish people are known to revere the three-leaf clover. Some doubt has been cast over this as the Holy Trinity is thought to be a very complicated thing to explain at the best of times.

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