Colour choices for the carpet under your feet

When it comes to choosing a new carpet you can be faced with a number of different decisions to make, such as whether to also replace your underlay, perhaps upgrade to a thicker one and the most important – what colour should you choose for your carpet.

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This can be an easy choice and you may wish to simply choose a carpet that matches your chosen decoration colour in the room, however you should also think about whether you are likely to change your decorations at any point in the near future and how hard wearing the carpet needs to be. You should also think about your family members and any pets that you may have. If you have young children you may want to choose a carpet that is incredibly hard wearing and that you can have regularly cleaned by a Carpet Cleaner Hereford company.

Octokleen Carpet Cleaners Hereford way can clean carpets of any colour, but you will want to ensure the carpets durability for your family needs.

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The colour of the carpet that you choose will also have an impact on how your room feels. You can make a room appear larger or smaller by choosing different colours. Darker colours tend to make rooms feel smaller. They can also make a room feel more cosy and warmer. In contrast a lighter colour in carpet can make a room seem bigger and lighter. This is a great choice if you have very little natural light entering your room.

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