The Common Causes of Tooth Loss

Teeth are one of those things that we take for granted really until something goes wrong. Looking after our teeth is now easier than ever with such a wide range of products available to help us to do this, and although many more people are keeping their teeth for longer now than in previous generations, missing teeth is still a problem for many people.

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Luckily, dentists can now do a lot to fill in the gaps – where with a temporary tooth on a wire, a bridge, or for a more permanent solution people look into the All on 4 dental implants cost from somewhere like Arnica dental that specialises in replacing teeth.

Here are the main causes of tooth loss…

Sports Accidents – There are many sports where tooth loss is a big risk. Things like hockey, boxing or rugby can all potentially result in tooth loss. There are protective items that can be worn on the teeth however to help prevent this.

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Tooth Decay – When a tooth isn’t cleaned properly the plaque builds up and eventually rots the tooth. This can sometimes mean a filling but it can sometimes mean that the tooth has to be removed. It depends on how bad the level of decay is.

Gum Disease – This is a big cause of tooth loss. If you have bleeding gums it is important to see a dentist as it is likely that you have gum disease. As it progresses this can cause the gums to move back from the teeth and loosen them, which can result in the teeth being lost eventually.

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