How solar radiation affects our eyes

Are we really aware of how important it is to protect our eyes  with a  suitable sunglasses?, society knows the harmful effects that a prolonged exposure to sunlight can have on our eye and skin health, but on many occasions it does not adopt preventive measures to avoid its ill in the form of very diverse affections or, even, the development of diseases in the medium or long term.

The sunlight breathes life into each and every one of the beings that inhabit this planet, so it is not harmful enjoy your warm embrace and pleasant exposure if we take the appropriate measures to protect our skin and eyes measures. In the latter case, the  negative effects that the ultraviolet radiation of the sun on the eyes can degenerate into medium or long-term conditions such as macular degeneration, cataracts, actinic conjunctivitis or other types of ophthalmic pathologies.

There is no doubt that in addition to breathing life into the plants and animals that populate our planet, light  is a fundamental pillar for the functioning of our universe at a general level and of our daily life at a more particular level, since it is in charge of transport energy  through space.

The   most dangerous forms of light for our eyes and skin are the so-called   long-range ultraviolet (UVA) and short-range (UVB) rays, which have a much shorter wavelength than the so-called visible light (which we can contemplate with our eyes), that’s why they go completely unnoticed, in spite of how dangerous they can be for our visual health. These rays, unlike the so-called UVC, are able to cross the ozone layer that protects the Earth and reach where we are.

The experts in the matter stipulate that one of the main causes of ocular affections  seen previously as cataracts, macular degeneration or cancer in the eyelids in the most extreme cases is due to these  ultraviolet rays  specified above. In addition, they are considered the origin of vision loss that affects people over 60 years of age worldwide. To all this, we must add that  ultraviolet radiation  can also wrinkle and age the skin that is around our eyes.

UV radiation levels   are higher in tropical areas and very close to Earth’s equator, although there are certain regions that may also be affected due to the current thinness of the ozone layer. Regarding the time of day, the radiation levels are also higher when the sun is at the highest point of the celestial surface, in general, around 11 am and 3 pm

Similarly, the characteristics of the terrain can also influence this, for example, on more reflective surfaces such   as snow, water or sand, radiation levels can double, not to mention the intake of certain medicines such as birth control pills, or certain diuretics and tranquilizers that will increase your body’s sensitivity to radiation.

When it comes to  protecting your eyes  from the effects of the sun’s rays, we must acquire those glasses with  quality materials and resistant as Ray Ban sunglasses models .

Normally, sunglasses filters   are divided into categories between 0 and 4. For example,  glasses with  category 2 filters are moderately colored and suitable for average solar luminosity, but not for nighttime driving. In the case, for example, the glasses filter  of category 4, we talked of very dark lenses prepared for extreme solar light in high mountain areas or when we practice sports like skiing. In the market, we can find  glasses of more elegant and sophisticated style like Persol, which will help you protect your eyes from the effects of the sun.

Less important than the category of filter, is the chromatic hue of your  sunglasses . So, for example, we have the brown that filters the blue radiations and increases the depth of field and the contrast. On the other hand, the  orange  is the most suitable for low light occasions, for example, when it is cloudy or the fog banks predominate or the green one that will allow you to perceive the colors without major difficulties.

In the case of young children, do not forget to buy sunglasses with UV protection superior to that of their parents. Remember that solar radiation has a cumulative effect throughout our lives on skin and eyes, therefore, all  protective measures  that we can provide from an early age are welcome.

When it comes to buying your sunglasses, try to wrap them to prevent the sun’s rays  from filtering through the sides and avoid sun exposure in the middle of the day.

In any case, from  Things of Health we recommend that to avoid any eye problem, it is convenient to get ahead and make periodic reviews with your medical specialist, because not only our exposure to the sun, but also the hours we spend in front of the computer screen or certain work situations can be the trigger of a certain condition. The American National Society for the Prevention of Blindness stipulates that 90% of eye injuries could have been prevented.

And you?; Do you also worry about the health of your eyes ?

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