What can a Courier actually provide?

With online business booming, more companies are finding themselves in need of courier services than ever before. These services operate in a competitive industry, and to secure as much business as possible, many couriers have branched out into offering a number of different services. These can include storage, warehousing and transport, operating both locally and internationally. Five different types of courier solutions are outlined below.

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Warehousing is a service intended to give companies a firmer grip of their goods and business. Included in this type of service is pick, pack and dispatch, storage management and reporting of stock levels, to allow the client an up to the minute knowledge of their available goods. This can be invaluable in the smooth running of a business, large or small.

Pallet courier

It is often a worry to businesses that their stock may be damaged in transit. With a pallet courier service, however, this fear can be allayed. Goods are delivered on a pallet for added safety of stock. The compact nature of pallets also allows them to be loaded onto delivery vehicles quickly, making this service ideal for those with strict delivery deadlines.

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Overnight courier

Many businesses worry about getting their orders delivered to clients on time. An overnight courier service is ideal for those needing goods delivered within a certain timeframe. The goods are usually moved during the night or early hours of the morning, for a reliable next day delivery.

Same day express

This service is great for those last minute orders or clients needing urgent delivery. Same day express is often used for the delivery of important documents and is popular within large cities with lots of businesses. More and more courier companies are starting to offer this type of service, including https://www.uk-tdl.com/same-day-courier/same-day-courier-slough.html. Wherever you are based, whether you need couriers in Slough or London, you are sure to be able to find a provider.

International services

With the upswing of internet shopping, global consumption is increasing at a rapid rate. A delivery service is required to meet the needs of this new worldwide market. With an international courier service, goods are transported between countries. The service provider has to make a call as to the best type of transport to use, from land, air or sea, to meet the delivery needs of the client.

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