How much exercise does my dog need?

The amount of exercise required by your dog will depend on a number of factors, including breed, age, personality and health. A puppy will usually have more energy than an adult dog and will require more exercise over shorter periods.

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A breed will influence the level of exercise

A dog’s breed will heavily influence the level of exercise it requires. There are a number of breeds that are energetic, such as border collies, corgis, dalmatians and golden retrievers, which require more exercise than low-energy breeds such as bulldogs, King Charles spaniels and Great Danes. If you are not a keen walker, it is best to avoid a dog who will require robust daily exercise.

Hiking, playing fetch and jogging are all forms of exercise that a dog can participate in. It is advisable to vary the dog’s routine so that boredom does not creep in. A dog owner must ensure that their pet is enjoying a minimum of one 30-minute walk daily.

Dogs that do not get enough exercise will display signs around the home that will be visible to their owners. If you are annoyed at the many holes your dog has dug in the garden or the barking is excessive, these are two signs that your pet is not getting enough exercise.

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Dogs enjoy healthy dog treats to give them energy

Canines love tasty and healthy dog treats, as they give them vitality and they can be seen as a reward from the owner; for example, healthy dog treats by The Innocent Pet contain nutrients and are full of flavour.

According to the Portsmouth News, it is important not to exercise or walk your dog for at least two hours after a meal. According to the article, a dog should not be fed for 30 minutes after exercise.

If you own a senior dog, it is best to check with a veterinary professional about exercising it. An owner will be best placed to understand how much exercise the dog can comfortably handle; however, if in doubt, speak to a vet.

Even within a certain breed, the requirement for exercise varies; for example, a nine-year-old golden retriever may want to be exercised more than a peaceful two-year-old dog of the same breed. Remember that older dogs still need to be walked but will enjoy shorter routes.

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