What is the best type of flooring for your garage?

If you’re looking to replace your garage floor or are building a garage from scratch, you need to think about flooring options. It must look good, but above all else, it must be durable and long-lasting. Here are some options for your garage floor.

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Resin floor systems

If your garage is going to be a busy space, you need something that will withstand wear and tear easily. A multi-coat resinous system will do just that when fitted professionally. Made with 100 per cent solids epoxy, polyurethane or polyuria/polyaspartic coatings, it can be up to 10 times stronger than a concrete finish. A massive bonus of this type of floor is that it is almost stain-proof, easy to clean and highly resistant to chemicals and spills. It’s no wonder that restaurants, warehouses and professional garages often have this type of floor.

One drawback is that it can be costly to install, especially considering the state of your original floor. Make sure you check whether you will need planning permission if you are building your own garage before you start any expensive work.

Interlocking tiles

This is a great option if you are planning to save money and install the floor yourself. Like resin floors, they are resistant to stains, easy to clean and very durable. They come in a wide variety of designs so you can make your floor as simple or as elegant as you wish. A major advantage of interlocking tiles is the hollow core underneath. This helps to eliminate mould and mildew and helps with drainage should the floor get wet.

They can be quite noisy to walk on, which may be a slight downside, especially if the garage is empty. Adding garage shelving systems such as those from https://www.garage-shelving.co.uk/ could help to combat the lack of sound absorption.

Porcelain tile

This type of flooring has become more popular over the years, with manufacturing plants and mechanics among those using it. It is resistant not only to stains, but also to knocks, water and road salts. It can be very cost-effective if you look around.

One of the disadvantages of porcelain tile is its tendency to be quite slippery if it gets wet. Dirt can also accumulate in the grouting if the sealing is not monitored frequently.

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