Top lighting trends of 2020

Lighting is an incredibly important tool in interior design and shouldn’t be overlooked as a purely functional necessity.

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An article in HomeGuides suggests that lighting can change the ‘mood’ and ‘perceived size’ of a room and for that reason, it’s important to make good choices in your choice of lighting and your light fittings.

But what are the top trends in lighting for 2020?

Organic materials

In a world where we are becoming increasingly aware of our carbon footprint, many people will be interested in using organic materials crafted from natural substances in their interiors. Not only are they ethical, but they tend to be durable and versatile too. Natural, untreated wooden lamps are a major trend in lighting for 2020. Tapping into the rustic, cosy living approach, natural wood is a warming and comforting substance that will blend perfectly with a soft light to create an inviting interior.


Copper interior accessories are a trend that aren’t going anywhere in 2020. From fruit bowls to light fittings, the clean, industrial feel of copper gives a vintage appeal that works well with a harsh or soft light. They can be especially effective as low hanging, dome light fittings over a workspace, dining area or even alongside well matched downlight covers from Thermahood Direct in a loft conversion. Giving an industrial feel, they are a great trend.

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Mixing styles

This year you will likely see an eclectic mix of styles – often ones you wouldn’t expect to see alongside one another – combined. For example, statement pieces of classic lighting such as an old-fashioned lamp or even candelabra within a very modern and contemporary setting.

Black and gold

These two colours work in sync with one another to create a feeling of opulence and elegance. With warming tones in the gold, they can also create a welcoming and cosy atmosphere, especially when used as a feature piece in a smaller room. Black is known for its conducting properties, and is often used in downlight covers.

Smart lighting

In a world that is ever advancing in technology, you can expect to see a range of smart lighting products enter the market this year too. Lighting colours, on/off timers and vocal instructions are all customisable in this year’s modern lighting tech.

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