The psychology behind cleaning

A recent social media trend has been focused on cleaning. People are going mad for cleaning videos, product reviews and following influencers on Instagram who offer cleaning tips.

It seems people are celebrating their love for organisation. There are now websites and blogs dedicated to the love of all things neat and tidy, such as ‘Things Neatly Organised’ and ‘Apartment Therapy’. If you’re a self-confessed neat freak, then you’ll find a wealth of images on Pinterest and Buzzfeed for example. So, what is it about a minimalistic lounge or pencils arranged by colour that we love so much?

Thankfully, science can prove that cleaning and organising are good for you and are examples of positive psychology. So why not stop staring at that dirty oven and give a Yeovil Oven Cleaning company such as a call and enjoy the positive effects that a clean and tidy home will bring.

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Studies have shown that those who live in clean homes are healthier than those who live in messy, cluttered and unclean environments. Cleaner homes also had more active inhabitants and the resulting health benefits were deemed more beneficial than walking!

When it comes to mental wellbeing, those who described their homes as cluttered, dirty or full of unfinished projects were more likely to suffer from depression than those who made positive comments about their living environment. Women with cluttered homes were also found to have higher levels of cortisone, the stress hormone, than those who found their home restful or restorative.

According to studies, being in a cluttered environment makes it harder for us to concentrate on a task. Visually, we find it difficult to focus on a specific task when we are overwhelmed by objects around us that are irrelevant to our task. This is a major problem affecting productivity in the workplace.

Interestingly, those who take the few seconds to make their beds in the morning are more likely to report getting a good night’s sleep by 19%. As many as 75% of people also report sleeping better when their sheets are freshly laundered.

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Did you know that the body consists of tens of thousands of integrated systems which are all organised? Most of our cells work on very strict schedules and rhythms. On an atomic level, we are also extremely organised and regulated or else we would be unable to function.

This could explain why cleaning and organisation is deemed so good for us, almost as if we crave this symmetry from within our own bodies. Order is good for health and fights against chaos. Staying organised helps us to feel better about ourselves, helps to keep us fitter and increases our productivity.

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