How to Settle Into a Care Home

Leaving your home and moving into a care home can be a very distressing time for both the elderly person and their family, but there are things you can do to make the experience easier and far less stressful.

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Visit in Advance

One of the best ways to get a feel for a care home is to visit in advance and speak to the staff and other residents about their experience. It is a good idea to visit at different times of the day and consider making an unplanned visit to see what it is like out of visiting hours. Getting a sense of how welcoming the place feels and if it has friendly and enthusiastic staff can make all the difference.

Make a Wish List

A good care home should be flexible and adaptable and be prepared to meet a resident’s needs. If residents want to eat in their room, for example, or be able to play music, then these requests should be met. If not, it may be advisable to look elsewhere.

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Take Some Belongings

Apart from obviously taking clothes and toiletries, taking some personal belongings can make the resident’s room look and feel more homely. For example, framed photographs, plants and even a favourite armchair can bring comfort and make it feel familiar. Some elderly people requiring care may not want to go into a care home and feel much happier opting for live in carers. And live in carers are a good solution for those who want to stay in their home and continue to live as independently as possible.

Some industry experts are warning government cuts have led to care home closures. This will potentially result in the less wealthy being unable to access the help they need.

Become Familiar with Surroundings

If appropriate, new residents should ask for a guided tour of the home so that they know where everything is, such as the dining and medical facilities.


Many care homes offer the opportunity for families to not only visit whenever they wish and also to involve them in meetings where they can voice any concerns.


If things don’t go to plan, know the procedure for complaining – who to speak to and where to get advice. It will allow any issues to be dealt with quickly and effectively.

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