The Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring Immigration Law Attorneys

There are certain things in this world that you would not want to handle on your own, particularly matters pertaining to law if you do not have any background in it. One of these most disturbing issues, which unfortunately most people from all over the universe are going through, is the immigration process.

The immigration process is prone to a lot of mistakes as you are already aware, the laws of immigration a very complicated. Sometimes, regardless of how much abiding to the law of the host country you have always been and how well you have managed to maintain your status, or how simple your green card or immigration passport is, mistakes just happen. At times, you may not be the cause of the problem, but something just happens that delays your immigration case.

This therefore calls for the need to hire an immigration attorney to see you through the cases successfully and help you overcome the complications associated with the process of immigration. Nevertheless, it is important that you put certain factor into consideration before hiring one. Here are the Dos and Don’ts of hiring immigration law attorney:


ü Do your research – it is very vital that you acquire sufficient information about the individual you are about to hire as a representative in your immigration suits. This will determine your odds of winning or loosing your cases. Google the individual’s profile and even ask for testimonials and referrals. A good attorney has nothing to hide.

ü Check his credentials – there are very many immigration law attorneys. Unfortunately, not all of them are genuine. A good lawyer should have all the necessary papers to qualify him/her for the position. Check whether he has the professional license to allow him/her pursue a law career.

ü Know the background of the attorney – it is vital that you know the background of the individual you are about to hire. This includes his work history and his adherence to work ethics. This is because you may hire a suspended, censured, reprimanded, or banned lawyer from practicing law. On the other hand, the attorney may face any of these actions while representing you, which would then have a bad implication on your case.

ü Ensure that you are consulting an experienced lawyer – some firms have the tendency of allocating people an inexperienced advocate during their first consultation; or even to represent them in their cases. Therefore, before deciding on the person to represent you, ensure that the expert has enough experience in handling similar cases. Where possible, find one that specializes in this kind of cases as he/she knows the obstacles associated with the immigration process and how to tackle them.


ü Do not hire an attorney that resides outside the host state – it is important that you ensure your potential law expert resides within the boundaries of the host country and is a member of the lawyers association. This way you can be sure the individual perfectly understand the laws of the land, including those on immigration.

ü Do not go for low bidders – if the traditional myths are anything to go by; you know about the quality of a product by its value. The same applies when choosing an immigration law attorney. Do not go for low bidders. Chances are that they are a new firm, they are not genuine, or are trying to salvage their dying firm. Remember that cheap is expensive.

If you are a Turkish immigrant, it is essential that you pay close attention to the above Dos and Don’ts before hiring immigration law attorney to help you go through the immigration process cases successfully. Nevertheless, regardless of how good your attorney of choice is, your case is bound to fail if you do not possess a visa turkish.

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