The best (and worst) times to visit the Caribbean

The best time to go anywhere depends really on what you want from your trip. For the Caribbean, most people are looking for sunshine, idyllic islands and escapism. Fortunately, the best weather in the Caribbean falls when the UK is at its most miserable but also during the winter and spring school holidays. That will come at a price, however, so if you want to go cheaply and are after the best time to go to pay less, the answer is different.

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Cheap flights

Be flexible on when you fly if you can, and that includes month, day and even time. Prices are significantly lower during term time, and the ‘extremes’ of the day (very early in the morning or late at night) are less popular so less costly. Book early but not too early. Around two months before you want to travel is when you’re likely to get the best price.

Storms brewing

The Caribbean is known for its hurricanes almost as well as for it beautiful beaches, and hurricane season would rank pretty highly on the ‘worst times to visit’ scale. Generally, the season runs from June through to November, with September being the worst month, though storms can hit either side of that.


Once you have decided on when you want to travel, the next step will be to consider what are the top 5 all inclusive Caribbean resorts to look at, or self-catering options if you prefer. There are lots of specialist providers of all-inclusive breaks, such as For more detail on when to visit the Caribbean islands, visit Responsible Travel to help you make an informed decision.

Booking a room far in advance does not seem to have as much impact on the overall price as booking the flights early, so no need to worry about that and book everything together if you prefer. That gives you the flexibility to shop around and to take advantage of different companies’ sales or promotions.

Before you go, whatever time of year that is, make sure you book with a reputable company and that you take out adequate travel insurance to cover you for the activities you’ll be enjoying. Whenever you travel, you can be sure of a warm welcome on your arrival, even if there is a tropical storm brewing.

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