In it to win it

We all love a good game show and it brings the family together as we all try to shout out the answers at the TV. I bet it feels very different can being in the studio and doing it for real. It’s one thing knowing the answers quickly when you’re relaxed at home but in the harsh glare of the studio lights and cameras pointing right at you – would your mind go blank and your brain seize? If getting on a game show has always been a dream then here are some tips.

Applying for most game shows will mean you need to fill out an application form which can take some time. Yet many application forms ask the same questions, so it’s worth keeping your answers written down somewhere so you can do a simple copy and paste. This way you’ll be prepared to apply to a variety of different shows quickly. Common questions include ‘what are your hobbies’, ‘what do you do for a living’ and ‘what would you do if you won any money’.

If you’ve got your eye on a really popular game show then bear in mind that so will lots of other people. To increase your chances, why not consider applying to a lesser known show? Often new shows will be on the lookout for contestants and these can be slightly easier to get on to. It might be worth the chance and the prizes might be great if it’s a new show.

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If a popular show is what you have your heart set on then make your application stand out. Thousands of people apply so don’t just give one-word answers to the questions as the more personality you can show through your writing, even when it comes to something simple such as your hobbies, the better. Add a video of yourself if you can and remember that producers want interesting people. If you don’t succeed then why not recreate your own fun game show. For party fun, try the Tornado Arm sweeper game. For more information, visit

Success at application stage means a phone interview or face-to-face audition. The words ‘interview’ and ‘audition’ might scare you but there is nothing to worry about as this is all supposed to be fun remember? Be upbeat and positive and have a genuine reason for wanting to win the show which will make you memorable.

If you are successful and get picked as a contestant, the most important part of the whole experience is to have fun. You will hopefully have an fantastic time with a friendly crew and the chance to meet a celebrity host if you win any prizes, that’s just the cherry on top. Game shows and quiz shows with massive cash prizes have the potential to change your life but try not to get too focused on that but focus on having a unique and enjoyable experience.

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