The Barcelona Chair

Looking for a chair that makes a real statement? One chair that truly fits this bill is the Barcelona chair. You’d never believe that the design is almost a century old as it still looks relevant today.

There are many imitations and while the cheaper price tag can be tempting, here are some important reasons why you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the genuine luxury item:

  1. Cost

If a retailer sells a top-quality Barcelona Chair for much less than you’d expect, then you can be sure that corners have been cut somewhere in the manufacturing process. Perhaps the leather is a low quality, the frame might be hollow and cheap foam used in the seat cushioning.

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  1. Comfort

Sitting on a cheaper model will never be as comfortable as the real deal and it could be enough to put you off the chair altogether. If cheap foam is used, then the cushions tend to feel a little too stiff, with not much give. The comfort difference between a low and top-quality chair is significant. For a premium Barcelona Chair Replica, visit

  1. Durability

When you buy a piece of furniture, you want it to have been made to last. A well-made Barcelona Chair should last for at least a decade and more likely a lot longer than that. The lower the cost, the shorter the life span you can expect. Low end furniture ages badly, whereas high-quality items age with grace and retains character and style.

  1. Leather

The leather used to manufacture cheap chairs is understandably of a lower quality. Yes, you’ll save money but sacrifice it in comfort. Instead you could end up with a chair covered in imitation leather which is made from plastic or even fabric.

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  1. Interior Design Choice

If the professional designers and architects are choosing the top-quality chairs, then that’s a high recommendation indeed. They recognise quality, high end manufacturing processes and products built to last and endure the rigours of commercial life.

  1. Satisfaction

Check the reviews for the companies selling cheaper furniture and you’ll find many dissatisfied customers. Most customers who desire a Barcelona Chair will have great taste and a discerning style, so wouldn’t be happy with a low-end version. Remember that if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is. You get what you pay for and with some pieces of furniture, cutting corners and making savings won’t give you the luxurious, stylish comfort that you’ve been seeking.

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