Six options For Driveways

If you’re thinking of replacing your old driveway, then there are a few things to take into consideration. Driveways last for decades, so it’s important to choose the right one for your home. With so many types available, we’re here to show you the different options.

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Patterned imprinted concrete (PIC)

Patterned concrete has gained popularity in recent years and more people are choosing this durable material. There are so many choices for patterned concrete, including design and colour.

The driveways do not need maintaining and damage is unlikely. However, repairs can be expensive and the repaired area will lack the appeal and strength of the rest of your driveway.

Block paving

Block paving is extremely popular in the UK. It has aesthetic appeal and will last a long time. There are many colours and styles available as well to suit your preferences. Not only is block paving reasonably priced, it’s also cheap to repair.

Occasional cleaning is needed on block paving, and if you’re looking for a Driveway cleaning service in Evesham and the surrounding areas, one of your options is

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Most roads are made from tarmac, so it’s also a popular choice for driveways. The biggest advantage of tarmac is that it can handle heavy loads and whilst it doesn’t absolutely need to be sealed, most driveways should be sealed to make them last longer.


When gravel is installed correctly, it looks amazing. It’s also very cheap compared to other materials and repairs are usually not needed. The only downside to gravel is you’re likely to get weeds growing through the driveway. However, using a weed repellant will sort out the problem.

Bound and bonded resin

Bound resin driveways are created by mixing resin with small stones to create a smooth mixture. Bonded resin involves putting the resin on the drive first and adding the stones later. Both options are popular and look great, but you might need planning permission for bonded resin.

Crazy paving

It’s making a comeback and the main reason for this is how environmentally friendly crazy paving is. It’s also the most unique of the driveway types, due to the use of differently sized stones. Professional installation can cost more due to the work involved, but many people choose to install the paving themselves.

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