Five more reasons to use an estate agent for your home sale

There is lots of information available online outlining the process of selling a house, although this does not necessarily mean that DIY is the best option. Do some research and you should be able to benefit from the best expertise locally.

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If you are asking yourself “How can I Sell my property online in Cheltenham?”, there are plenty of experts who can help.

1. Market conditions knowledge

Estate agents have sound knowledge – and active experience – of selling other homes in the local area. They know how long properties are hanging around, how many buyers there are in the area, and what they are willing to buy.

They understand economic nervousness and other factors that can influence the market, so they have the most accurate information possible. Choose an established local agent; for example, a company such as can sell your property in Cheltenham online.

2. Get the price right

It is not an agent’s job to tell the vendor how much to sell a house for, although they can offer guidance based on their knowledge and experience. An agent will charge a fee, which is their vested interest in the transaction.

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3. Negotiation

Selling your home is an emotional time, but an estate agent can look at it objectively. Taking the emotion out means they have the opportunity to negotiate, which is a definite skill in its own right. There is more to the transaction than just delivering a message between vendor and buyer, with a skilled estate agent understanding the transaction and negotiating the best deal.

4. Buffer

An estate agent is a willing ‘middle man’ who can do viewings and deal with enquiries and documentation on your behalf. They can ask difficult questions in your place.

5. Questions

There will always be questions to answer – some easier than others, some from people who are involved with the legal aspects of the sale, and some with a more ‘human’ face. A good agent will be able to anticipate questions and deal with them accordingly.

If you would like more reasons to choose an estate agent, Money Facts has some good advice.

It is possible to go it alone; however, a good agent takes all the pressure off, so think carefully before you make your decision.

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