Quick ways to help relieve high stress levels

The world feels like an incredibly stressful place and maybe even more so at the moment. Wit uncertainty about what will happen after Brexit and whether it will happen at all as a well as cuts in funding across many sectors including education and healthcare. People are naturally starting to feel the pressure and it is affecting many people in terms of their concentration and productivity levels at work as well as their ability to be able to relax and enjoy themselves with family and friends outside of the work environment.

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There are some things that we can all do to try and reduce our stress levels and allow our bodies and minds to relax.

Essential Oils – these oils have been used for many years as a way in which to help with stress and anxiety as well as a variety of other physical and mental conditions. They can be used in isolation by simply diffusing the oil into the atmosphere using an aromatherapy diffuser and adding a few drops to the water. They can also be used mixed with a carrier oil and massaged into the body and can also help to aid meditation.

Meditation – this is another ancient art and is a way in which you can allow your body and mind time to just be still. Many people struggle with meditation as they find that they can not clear their minds. This is not the main aim of meditation, if you can do it great, but if not it it’s about being able to just sit with your thoughts and allow them to pass over you. Meditating in this way for just 10-20 minutes a day can allow your stress levels to reduce and can even help you see the way out of a issue or a problem that you have. You can meditate sitting or lying whichever is more comfortable for you.

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Walking – a short walk out in the warm spring and summer weather can do wonders for your mental health as well as your overall fitness levels. Doctors and therapists are recommending walking for people who have high anxiety levels as the exercise in itself can help to burn off some of the excess stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline and can help you to clear your mind as you experience the benefits of the fresh air and being out amongst nature.

Music – listening to your favourite music either as you take a walk or just curled up happily on the sofa will help to take your mind away from whatever issues you are currently trying to resolve. It is important to remember that music can stimulate memories and so you should steer clear of any pieces that make you think of sad events as this will only cause your anxiety and stress levels to increase. Instead you want to listen to either relaxing music or music that makes you feel uplifted.

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