AC Alternatives for the Environmentally Friendly

Air conditioning has undoubtedly brought comfort to millions and made many areas more hospitable, providing much-needed relief from the heat. Thanks to air conditioning, we can transport ourselves comfortably and work without suffering any ill effects. We take it for granted, but life for our ancestors was a lot less comfortable and they had to rely on natural ways to stay cool.

Air conditioning became popular and widely available in hotter climates during the 1950s. However, these days many people are returning to natural methods to cool their homes to be more environmentally friendly. AC alternatives are cheaper and far better for the environment, can keep us healthier and help us to chill out. Here are some more natural methods to consider:


Fans can be incredibly useful and shouldn’t be overlooked in favour of AC. Circulating air inside the home or office, they can cool the immediate area which might be all you need instead of cooling the whole building with AC, even rooms not in use. Running fans can also take some of the pressure of the AC system.

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You might not have heard of this system, but it has roots in ancient history. The system uses horizontal or vertical blades of varying fabric to control the amount of light and heat that can enter a building. You often see these structures on the outside of office blocks and public buildings. For more information on Brise Soleil, visit

Open windows

Ideally, you want to keep a steady flow of cool air coming in and warm out going out. Opening your windows during the heat of the day is not wise but if you open them strategically, you can benefit greatly. Keep windows open at night when the air is cooler and then keep them closed during the morning when the sun is out.


Try to use cooler appliances as household appliances can produce a lot of heat inside the home, trapping warm air inside. Perhaps you could grill food outside or consider food that doesn’t require stove or oven cooking during a hot spell.

Your own body

How you look after your body can have an impact on whether you stay cool or not during a hot spell. While many heat sources will be coming form external sources, you can help stay cool inside by staying well hydrated with lots of water and electrolytes. Treat yourself to ice in your drinks or a refreshing ice lolly. Frozen fruit is another juicy way to stay chilled in the heat of the day.

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Hydronic Cooling

Instead of focusing on cooling the air, a hydronic system cools a building’s surfaces, like the floors and walls. The system works by running cool water through pipes. It has multiple benefits, including long-lasting effects and needing much less energy than AC.



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