Karate And Why You Should Become A Practitioner

The history of karate started in China in the 1800s, karate then spread to the rest of the world in 1915. The first karate school in the United States opened in 1956 when Tsutomu Ohshima opened a dojo in Los Angeles, California. However, Ed Parker who studied various styles began teaching martial arts in the U.S. as early as 1946.

Build Character and Confidence
Karate can be used as a means of perfecting a person’s character. You have to make the effort to meditate, studying on the beliefs and ways of life. Some people might feel that karate is simply a means of fighting and inflicting damage on an opponent, but that view is incorrect. There are many benefits to karate (as with most other martial arts) such as building self-esteem and being assertive. It is very rewarding to see yourself doing things that a few months earlier you weren’t capable of.

What is Karate all About?
Karate actually originated as a system of self-defense movements, which relied on the effective use defending oneself without the use of weapons. Because this system was developed around fighting without weapons, it became known as empty hand fighting, or “karate” in Japanese.

The karate system is made up of techniques such as kicking, punching, and striking to block an attack. However, today karate is most commonly used for artistic expression, exercise, and sport. Karate also provides excellent all-around workout routine that develops coordination and agility. It is practiced by children and adults alike to keep in shape, lower blood pressure, and improve cardiovascular health.

While the activity of practicing karate demands mental concentration from start to finish, it is also important to keep an attitude of emotional openness while allowing the body to move as naturally and effortlessly as possible. Movement and power must be kept through proper breathing, therefore breathing is also a very important aspect of the art.

In the same way that a writer puts pen to paper, is the same way that a martial arts practitioner uses his body to express all he has to offer, thus revealing his own ideas and character. When relaxed it makes it possible to learn the correct way to make use of your own strength. If there is no battle within yourself, there can be no training of the mind and spirit, which is the core of martial arts training.

Take the time to conduct additional research on your own if you are considering joining a martial arts program. You’ll find that the benefits are immense for students of all ages and skill levels.

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