Five spring lawn care tips

With spring just around the corner, now is the time to start caring for your lawn, after it has sat dormant during the winter months. Feeding, conditioning, killing moss, weeding and mowing are all part of getting your lawn in good condition for the warmer months. Read our top tips here.

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Start mowing

Your grass will start to grow as the ground warms up, so now is the time to start mowing. This should be done sparingly. Trimming it with your lawnmower – try Mountfield spares if you are replacing your mower – at its highest setting will ensure that growing is not stilted. Remember not to consider cutting your lawn if the soil is wet or if there is frost or snow. As spring takes hold, you only need to cut your lawn once a fortnight.

Kill those weeds

During the winter months, lawns can become beset with moss and weeds. The best way to deal with this is to use a lawn feed with weed and moss killer in it, then rake out the dying moss after a few days. This means that once removed, there will be bare patches, so now’s the time to grow new grass. Weeds can either be removed by hand or by using a lawn weedkiller.

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Feed your lawn

Your lawn should be fed regularly throughout the growing season. This should be done after mowing and when the lawn has no moss or weed growth. The RHS has some excellent tips on feeding your lawn.

Compacted soil

A compacted lawn is hard and slow to drain. To improve drainage and promote health, compacted soil needs to be aerated. The best time to do this is in the spring by using a hollow tine aerator or a garden fork to a depth of 4 inches, then fill the holes with a suitable fertiliser. Once your lawn is suitably conditioned, you can turn your thoughts to wider garden care; has a whole host of garden equipment to ensure you can enjoy the summer months outside.


A good time to over-seed is when the soil warms up during the spring. Make sure the surface is broken down by using a fork and rake, then rake in the seed. You should see grass sprouting after seven days.

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