How to settle into a care home?

Getting used to new places is not always easy for anyone. As well as the new places, there are new faces and routines to contend with too when moving to a nursing home. The following are a few ideas to make you feel more at home:

Bring along home comforts

This could be anything from photos, music, to a favourite pillow – bring them with you. You may even be able to bring your favourite pieces of furniture. For Care homes in Somerset, visit a site like Notaro, popular Care homes in Somerset.

Finding your way around

It may take some time to find your feet and know where everything is, so be sure to seek help to find your way around until you feel more confident and comfortable getting where you need to be on your own.

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Talk to the staff

Tell the staff what you want to do and when. If you prefer to have lunch in your room or like a lie-in at the weekend, the staff should be able to help.

Keep your relatives in the loop

Ask your relatives to come along to meetings. Many nursing homes offer sessions to discuss any issues affecting the community. They also may have a relative’s newsletter or a regular update on community news.

Stay in touch

Staying connected to friends and family is really important. Perhaps it is possible to have a telephone line in your room or a mobile you can use to call friends and family.

What can I take to a nursing home?

Most homes allow you to take in stuff that helps you feel at home, such as photos, pictures, cushions and your favourite films and books will all help you feel more comfortable in your room.

Some nursing homes allow residents to bring their own furniture, televisions and even their own beds. Talk to the care home manager about your options. Take all the clothes you need. It is a good idea to label your clothes so that they are not messed up in the laundry.

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What if I’m struggling to settle in?

Don’t be surprised if it takes a while to fully adjust to the new surroundings. However, sometimes even after all the best efforts to settle in, you might still not feel happy and want to move.

Notify the local authority if they fund your care. If you’re thinking of relocating to an area, let that area’s council know too and ask for a copy of their available care homes. Keep them updated so that they know what is happening.

Remember that your new care home must offer a welcoming, safe and positive place to live. If you are not satisfied because the nursing home did not offer a good standard of care, then find information to make complaints about care homes.


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