How to pack your summer holiday suitcase

Whether you’re an organised packer or a last-minute rusher, there is a good chance that you still end up with too much squashed into your case. Here’s our guide on how to make this year’s summer holiday packing your best yet.

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1. Plan what you’re going to wear.

Don’t even start loading your suitcase until you’ve really thought about the outfits you’ll need while you’re away. As they say, fail to prepare and you prepare to fail. Look for transitional pieces that will take you from day to night or form part of a capsule wardrobe and be useful for multiple wears. Think about the climate you’re travelling to, and be realistic about what you’ll actually wear. Those leather leggings and heels may look fabulous, but are you going to want to put those on during a hot and humid beach break? Flats and maxi dresses are much more likely to be useful.

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2. Only take one pair of jeans.

Yes, we know they’re comfy and are fabulous at dressing up or down, but for anything less than a two-week holiday, you really don’t need more than one well-fitting pair of jeans. Consider wearing them to travel. Not only will it remove weight from your case, but it will also help avoid crushing more delicate items.

3. Roll your clothing – don’t fold it!

Seasoned travellers will attest to the virtues of rolling rather than folding clothes. It saves space and prevents creasing. Nobody wants to have to iron on holiday. A great summer holiday staple for packing this way are maxi dresses. Start your hunt for the perfect flowing number at maxi dresses from AX Paris .

4. Fill your shoes and bags with smaller items

Maximise space and prevent shoes and bags from becoming dented by stuffing them with socks and underwear. You may want to put shoes in lightweight bags to avoid dirty soles marking your carefully packed clothes.

5. Wear valuable items.

Wear items such a jewellery rather than putting them in your luggage. Hopefully your bag will turn up on the carousel in your chosen destination, but if it doesn’t, at least you won’t have lost anything irreplaceable.

6. Pack basic medicines

It’s always worth putting a few items, such as painkillers or cold or upset stomach treatments, in your luggage so you have them on hand if the need arises.

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